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The genomic signal analysis of nucleotide sequences reveals features difficult to identify using only the symbolic representation in the genomic data bases. Some genomic signal features correlate well with functional features at phenotype level. The paper presents results of GSA applied in the study of <i>Mycobacterium</i> <i>tuberculosis</i> rpoB gene(More)
The emergence of resistance antituberculosis drugs is a relevant matter worldwide. Genotypic methods allow earlier detection of resistance. DNA sequencing-based approaches are considered the reference assay to detect the nucleotide polymorphism associated with drugs resistance. We characterized the resistant isolates in our area by sequencing (50 strains(More)
The paper applies the GSA methodology to the study of mycobacterium tuberculosis (MT) rpoB gene variability. The rpoB gene encodes the beta subunit of RNA polymerase and can produce rifampin (RMP) resistance, A segment comprising the codons 509-595 of the gene has been analyzed. Mutations occurring at specific sites along the gene strand can be put in(More)
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