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The yellow-pigmented bacterial strain causing green spot rot and death of laver was isolated from Porphyra dentata. This strain has been identified as Pseudomonas sp., harboring agarase, xylanase, and protease activity, as well as carboxymethyl-cellulase (CMCase). Using genomic DNA from the Pseudomonas sp. SK38 digested with Sau3AI and ligated into(More)
Although object-oriented paradigm is becoming a more realistic approach to the development of large-scale software systems, the existing object-oriented notations and methodologies do not fully support the development of distributed object systems. In this paper, we integrate Meta-Object Protocol (MOP) into a de facto standard object-oriented modeling(More)
A silicon nanowire-FET (SiNAWI-FET) for high performance logic device with consideration of current direction effects and terabit non-volatile memory (NVM) device using an 8nm SiNAWINVM with oxide/nitride/oxide (ONO) and omega-gate structure is reported for the first time. Nand P-channel SiNAWI-FET showed the highest driving current on (110)/<110> crystal(More)
In this paper, we present a 10nm CMOS platform technology for low power and high performance applications with the tightest contacted poly pitch (CPP) of 64nm and metallization pitch of 48nm ever reported in the FinFET technology on both bulk and SOI substrates. A 0.053um<sup>2</sup> SRAM bit-cell is reported with a corresponding Static Noise Margin (SNM)(More)
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