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Objective molecular dynamics simulations coupled with a density functional-based tight-binding model indicated that a stress-free single-walled (14,6) MoS 2 nanotube exhibits a torsional deformation of 0.87 deg/nm. Simulated electron diffraction patterns and atomic-resolution annular dark field scanning transmission electron microscopy (ADF-STEM) images of(More)
A refined electrical cable model is formulated to investigate the role of a discrete gap junction in the intracellular transmission of electrical signals in an electrically coupled system of osteocytes and osteoblasts in an osteon. The model also examines the influence of the ratio q between the membrane's electrical time constant and the characteristic(More)
A cable model is formulated to estimate the spatial distribution of intracellular electric potential and current, from the cement line to the lumen of an osteon, as the frequency of the loading and the conductance of the gap junction are altered. The model predicts that the characteristic diffusion time for the spread of current along the membrane of the(More)
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