D B Van Fossen

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Contrast agents used for cardiac angiography are different in regard to ionicity, osmolality and physiologic effects. The nonionic contrast media have been shown to have less toxic effects and a better safety profile than do higher osmolar agents. To better assess this risk, clinically stable patients undergoing cardiac angiography were stratified according(More)
To assess the effect of rapid preload reduction on left ventricular performance in nonischemic cardiomyopathy, 11 patients were studied during inferior vena caval (IVC) balloon occlusion. Five developed sustained pulsus alternans. During pulsus alternans, the strong beats demonstrated systolic performance characteristics similar to baseline values, despite(More)
The aortic input impedance spectrum provides a description of the total hydraulic load imposed on the left ventricle and may be used to assess the coupling of the ventricle to the vasculature. The adaptation of the vasculature to positive inotropic intervention was examined in 10 patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy to test the hypothesis that(More)
Positive inotropic intervention with dobutamine in patients with congestive heart failure is accompanied by complementary vascular changes, as measured by the aortic input impedance spectrum, that promote the efficient transfer of augmented myocardial contractile power. It is unknown whether this is a nonspecific response to increased ventricular(More)
To investigate the safety and efficacy of inferior vena caval (IVC) balloon occlusion for preload alteration in humans, 13 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy were studied before and during repeated (total of 78) IVC occlusions. Left and right ventricular (LV and RV) micromanometer pressures were simultaneously measured and M-mode and 2-D echocardiograms(More)
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