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A-25 sephadex-induced granulomatous inflammation of the lungs in rats was treated with beta-carotene and intal in inhalations. Both drugs showed antiinflammatory activity reducing the area of alveolitis and emphysema in the lungs, number of neutrophils and lymphocytes in the bronchoalveolar fluid. The experimental data allow to recommend further trial of(More)
The article deals with the latest achievements in the interpretation of the mechanism of programmed cell death (apoptosis). The effect of drugs on the different stages of the apoptotic signal conduction is analysed. The earliest prospects of creating apoptosis regulating agents are planned. It is suggested that tests for apoptosis should be included in the(More)
The aim of this work was to analyze the prevalence of level function disorder in patients with atrial fibrillation taking constantly amiodarone. Two groups of patients were studied: in group 1 (n = 78) patients with persistent atrial fibrillation taking constantly amiodarone for rhythm control were included, group 2 (n = 67) consisted of patients with(More)
The article discusses the principal structure of nuclear receptors. The structure and function of retinoid receptors, their main ligands and inhibitors are analysed. Data (experimental and clinical) concerning the immunotropic antineoplastic and cardiovascular activity of the main retinoids are given.
Five different types of muscarine-sensitive receptors were identified until now. In routine practice, the nonselective antagonist of cholinoreceptors are replaced by ipratropium bromide that is selectively blocking M1, M2, and M3 subtypes with the same affinity to each of them. However, the blockage of M2 subtype leads to bronchoconstriction and is(More)