D. B. Rakhmetov

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The publications containing data on the generation and study of transgenic plants tolerant to various types of abiotic stresses were analyzed. Mechanisms of plant protection against stresses and genes encoding a wide spectrum of compounds that confer the ability to survive under stress conditions, which cause inhibition of development and are even lethal to(More)
Data on selection and characteristics of somaclonal variants of finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.), obtained as a result of regeneration of plants from callus tissue, are presented. Among the genetically stable lines tested, the somaclonal variant SE-7 was the most interesting owing to its acquired important agricultural traits, such as a higher(More)
The results of establishing an in vitro culture, plantlet regeneration, and rooting of Camelina sativa cultivar Peremozhets and cultivar Mirazh are presented. The effective concentrations of sterilizing agents and the duration of plant material treatment were estimated. The phytohormone ratio, the sucrose concentration in the nutrient medium that induced(More)
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