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  • D B Lotman
  • Developmental medicine and child neurology
  • 1976
A study on spastic knee flexion deformity has revealed a recurrence rate of 32 per cent following attempted surgical correction on 170 knees (103 patients). This rate appeared to be unrelated to concomitant surgery for correction of hip and ankle deformity. An additional study demonstrated patella alta in 72 per cent of 100 spastic knees (50 patients) and(More)
  • D B Lotman
  • Arthroscopy : the journal of arthroscopic…
  • 1987
Two cases of knee arthroscopy are reported in which the patient sustained both pneumoperitoneum and acidosis. In each case, a pump was used to maintain a set intraarticular pressure of CO2. In neither case was the pneumatic tourniquet inflated. The conclusion is drawn that, to avoid these two complications, arthroscopists should routinely exsanguinate the(More)
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