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Modulation of mucosal immunity in a murine model of food‐induced intestinal inflammation
Background Hypersensitivity or uncontrolled responses against dietary antigens can lead to inflammatory disorders like food allergy and current models reflect a variety of causes but do not revealExpand
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Oleic acid modulation of the immune response in wound healing: a new approach for skin repair.
Injury triggers inflammatory responses and tissue repair. Several treatments are currently in use to accelerate healing; however, more efficient formulations are still needed for specific injuries.Expand
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Neonatal exposure to LPS leads to heightened exploratory activity in adolescent rats
Although several reports have demonstrated physiological and behavioral changes in adult rats due to neonatal immune challenges, little is known about their effects in adolescence. Since neonatalExpand
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Mimetic Membrane System to Carry Multiple Antigenic Proteins from Leishmania amazonensis
Liposomes have long been used as models for lipid membranes and for the reconstitution of a single or multiple proteins. Also, liposomes have adjuvant activity in vaccines against several protozoanExpand
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Hematopoietic SCT modulates gut inflammation in experimental inflammatory bowel disease
Hematopoietic SCT (HSCT) and high-dose chemotherapy are being explored as therapy for various human refractory immune-mediated conditions, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Nevertheless,Expand
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