D. Angulo García

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The H i Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) is a blind extragalactic H i 21-cm emission line survey covering the whole southern sky from declination −90 • to +25 •. The Hipass catalogue (Hicat), containing 4315 H i-selected galaxies from the region south of decli-nation +2 • , is presented in Meyer et al. (2004a, Paper I). This paper describes in detail the(More)
The Hi Parkes All-Sky Survey (Hipass) Catalogue forms the largest uniform catalogue of Hi sources compiled to date, with 4,315 sources identified purely by their Hi content. The catalogue data comprise the southern region δ < +2 • of Hipass, the first blind Hi survey to cover the entire southern sky. RMS noise for this survey is 13 mJy beam −1 and the(More)
5 and Wim van Driel 6 ABSTRACT VIRGOHI21 is an H i source detected in the Virgo Cluster survey of Davies et al. (2004) which has a neutral hydrogen mass of 10 8 M ⊙ and a velocity width of ∆V 20 = 220 km s −1. From the Tully-Fisher relation, a galaxy with this velocity width would be expected to be 12th magnitude or brighter; however deep CCD imaging has(More)
An increasing number of promising applications for future technology is arising from size constraints in nanoparticles (NPs) and from the chemical manipulation of their surfaces. In this work, we analyse the finite-size and surface effects on polyacrylic acid-coated Fe(3)O(4) NPs and oleic acid-coated gamma-Fe(2)O(3) NPs by studying their magnetization(More)
At a twofold singularity, the velocity vector of a flow switches discontinuously across a codimension one switching manifold, between two directions that both lie tangent to the manifold. Particularly intricate dynamics arises when the local flow curves towards the switching manifold from both sides, a case referred to as the Teixeira singularity. The flow(More)
Dark Matter supposedly dominates the extragalactic, yet no totally dark structure of galactic proportions has ever been convincingly identified. Earlier (Minchin et al. 2005) we suggested that VIRGOHI 21, a 21-cm source we found in the Virgo Cluster at Jodrell Bank using single-dish observations (Davies et al. 2004), was probably such a dark galaxy because(More)
Details are presented of the HI Jodrell All Sky Survey (HIJASS). HIJASS is a blind neutral hydrogen (HI) survey of the northern sky (δ>22 •), being conducted using the multibeam receiver on the Lovell Telescope (FWHM beamwidth 12 arcmin) at Jodrell Bank. HIJASS covers the velocity range –3500 km s −1 to 10000 km s −1 , with a velocity resolution of 18.1 km(More)
A stochastic model of sawn timber structural elements of Argentinean Eucalyptus grandis is applied to the study of two eigenproblems. One is the free vibrations problem which, after being solved, yields the natural frequencies and modes. The other problem is the buckling of columns. Its solution leads to the buckling loads and modes. The governing(More)
We present the largest catalogue to date of optical counterparts for HI radio-selected galaxies, Hopcat. Of the 4315 HI radio-detected sources from the HI Parkes All Sky Survey (Hipass) catalogue, we find optical counterparts for 3618 (84%) galaxies. Of these, 1798 (42%) have confirmed optical velocities and 848 (20%) are single matches without confirmed(More)
A stochastic model is proposed to study the behavior of structural sawn beams of Argentinean Eucalyptus grandis with the aim of improving the predictability of the elastic deformations. The enhancement of the mid-span deflection calculation is based on a probabilistic model of the Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) and the representation of its lengthwise(More)
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