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Aging induced degradation mechanisms occurring in digital circuits are of a greater importance in the latest technologies. Monotonic degradation such as Bias Temperature Instability (BTI) or Hot Carrier Injection (HCI) but also sudden degradation such as Dielectric Breakdown (DB) are identified as the major sources of reliability hazard. The impact of these(More)
Gate oxide breakdown is an important reliability issue. This mechanism is widely investigated at device level but the development of a compact model and the assessment at circuit level is much more complex to handle. We first characterize soft and hard breakdown with highlighting the different electrical signatures and sign change of the ratio source drain(More)
Based on capacitive measurements combined with TCAD simulations, in a wide range of bulk biases, the impact of NBTI on both oxide-silicon interfaces of FDSOI transistors is evaluated. Physical modeling is proposed to fully analyze the degradation mechanisms and reproduce the experimental behaviors through the help of accurate simulations of the back bias(More)
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