D Alvarez-Zapata

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CD8+ T lymphocytes from two unrelated cases of MHC class II deficiency were immortalized in vitro using Herpesvirus saimiri. In both cases, a lack of expression of surface MHC class II molecules was ascertained, whereas variable defects were shown for MHC class I, CD74 (invariant chain) and LAG-3 (an MHC class II ligand). The functional analysis of both H.(More)
CD3 gamma, a subunit of the T cell receptor-CD3 (TCR/CD3) complex, helps to support surface TCR/CD3 expression and participates in signal transduction for gene induction after antigen recognition by T lymphocytes, and in TCR/CD3 down-modulation. Humans with primary immunodeficiencies caused by inherited mutations in the CD3 gamma gene or in the gene(More)
The biologic role of each CD3 chain and their relative contribution to the signals transduced through the TCR/CD3 complex and to downstream activation events are still controversial: they may be specialized or redundant. We have immortalized peripheral blood CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes from a human selective CD3 gamma deficiency using Herpesvirus saimiri.(More)
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