D. Alexander

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The recent epidemic of childhood obesity(1) has raised concern because of the possible clinical and public health consequences.(2,)(3) However, there remains a widespread perception among health professionals that childhood obesity is a largely cosmetic problem, with minor clinical effects. No systematic review has yet focused on the diverse array of(More)
This article describes the emergence of repair behaviors in young children as a reflection of three significant developmental achievements: the emergence of communicative intentionality, the development of socioemotional perspective taking, and the acquisition of effective communicative means. Because research in the emergence of preverbal communicative(More)
Acknowledgments Many people have influenced this work in various ways. I want to thank those unnamed ones that have provided feedback over the Internet and their feature requests have especially shaped the functionality of the iMolTalk server. Synopsis The focus of this thesis was on computer-aided protein structure analysis and homo-logy modeling. Proteins(More)
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