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This article presents an overview of results from the 1980–1992 survey of snow loads and densities on roofs in deep snow areas of British Columbia with particular emphasis on results from an extensive survey at the ski village on Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, where the 30-year return ground snow load is 21 kPa. The article makes recommendations for the(More)
BACKGROUND The elucidation of the superficial fascial system (SFS) by Lockwood in 1991 has been the cornerstone of our understanding of abdominal excisional dynamics for the last 25 years. The SFS can be used for closure and, appropriately mobilized, for tension transmission in abdominoplasty, and lower body lifts. The pattern of SFS adhesion to muscle(More)
More than 20 deaths due to hepatotoxicity associated with VPA have occurred in the USA. We report 2 autopsied cases of fatal hepatotoxicity associated with VPA. In both cases the signs of hepatotoxicity appeared after 3-4 weeks VPA therapy and in 1 case consisted of persistent elevation of serum phenytoin (PHT) level for 5 days despite stopping VPA and PHT.(More)
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