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Bacillus subtilis W23 was infected with a clear-plaque variant of SP-10 phage, namely, SP-10c. Exogenous thymidine was not incorporated into phage DNA (even in the presence of deoxyadenosine), nor was there any transfer of thymidine nucleotides from bacterial to viral DNA. The lytic program was unaffected by concentrations of 5-fluorodeoxyuridine sufficient(More)
The evidence for a role of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) in cardiovascular disease (CVD) is inconclusive and limited to clinic-based studies or population-based studies using historical CVD data. The authors investigated cross-sectional association of SDB, assessed by overnight polysomnography and described by frequency of apnea/hypopnea episodes(More)
Despite a growing body of literature illustrating the benefits of regional anaesthesia in shoulder arthroscopy, data on actual use of the technique in the United States is lacking. This study analyses epidemiologic data to describe current trends in anaesthetic practice for these procedures in the United States and highlights key associations with patient(More)
OBJECTIVES • To review the literature and the generally accepted unsatisfactory management of chronic genital pain in men. • To refer such patients for Journey psychotherapy and record the outcomes of such treatment. PATIENTS AND METHODS • We describe an alternative psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of such men, whereby deep-seated emotions are(More)
A 30 degrees C, functional messengers for dCMP hydroxymethylase first appeared 3 to 6 min postinfection and reached their maximum levels at 12 min. Chloramphenicol, added before the phage, reduced the rate of mRNA accumulation. When the antibiotic was added 6 min postinfection, mRNA levels increased at their normal rate but there was no obvious repression(More)
Ultra-thin chips of less than 20 lm become flexible, allowing integration of silicon IC technology with highly flexible electronics such as food packaging sensor systems or healthcare and sport monitoring tags as wearable patches or even directly in clothing textile. The ultra-thin chips in these products will be bent to a very high curvature, which puts a(More)
INTRODUCTION We present, to the best of our knowledge, the first published case report of a satellite lesion within the bladder from enteric type urachal adenocarcinoma (UA). PRESENTATION OF CASE Our case report involves a 38-year-old man from the Solomon Islands who underwent open partial cystectomy for UA. However, resection margins were positive due to(More)
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