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The gas-phase structures of AI(Bu')3 and Ga(Bu')3 have been investigated by electron diffraction and are shown to consist of monomeric units with very slightly pyramidal geometries. Salient(More)
Gas-phase structure determinations have been performed for arachno-4,6-(CH2)2B7H9 and arachno-4,6-S2B7H9 by combining quantum-chemical calculations and gas electron diffraction (GED) data. In(More)
The structures of the D(3h)-symmetric molecules dodecafluoro-1,6-distibatriptycene and dodecafluoro-1,6-dibismatriptycene [Z2(C6F4)3 (Z = Sb, Bi)] have been determined in the gas phase by electron(More)
The molecular structures of methylphosphine (CH3PH2) and methylphosphine-borane (CH3PH2.BH3) have been determined from gas-phase electron diffraction data and rotational constants, employing the(More)
The structures of the molecules (XMe2Si)2C(SiMe3)2, where X = H, Cl, Br, have been determined by gas electron diffraction (GED) using the SARACEN method of restraints, with all analogues existing in(More)