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Patient-focused research attempts to provide information that answers the question: Is this treatment benefiting this patient? Although several systems have been developed to monitor and provide feedback about a patient's response to psychotherapy, few if any have been tested empirically. The current study divided 609 patients into four groups (two(More)
Although high levels of reliability are emphasized in the construction of many measures of psychological traits, tests that are intended to measure patient change following psychotherapy need to emphasize sensitivity to change as a central and primary property. This study proposes 2 criteria for evaluating the degree to which an item on a test is sensitive(More)
  • H Aït Abderrahim, P Kupschus, E Benoit, V Malambu, Th Sobolev, K Aoust +6 others
  • 2001
SCK • CEN in partnership with IBA S.A. is designing a multipurpose ADS for R&D applications – MYRRHA – and is conducting an associated R&D programme. In a first stage, the project focuses mainly on demonstration of the ADS concept and safety research on sub-critical systems. In a later stage, the device will also be dedicated to research on structural(More)
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