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The diameters of chromatin fibers from Thyone briareus (sea cucumber) sperm (DNA linker length, n = 87 bp) and Necturus maculosus (mudpuppy) erythrocytes (n = 48 bp) were investigated. Soluble fibers were frozen into vitrified aqueous solutions of physiological ionic strength (124 mM), imaged by cryo-EM, and measured interactively using quantitative(More)
Complexes of RecA protein with phi X174 circular single-stranded DNA (cssDNA) with and without ATP gamma S were rapidly frozen and embedded in a thin layer of vitreous ice. The electron micrographs of these frozen-hydrated complexes clearly show visible helicity. Quantitative image analyses of these micrographs reveal the helical pitch and the axial rise(More)
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