D. A. Protopapas

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Haemangiomas represent the most common benign tumours in infancy, affecting 1-2% of newborns. The present meta-analysis aimed to critically review the current evidence on the efficacy of propranolol in the management of airway haemangiomas, and explore potential adverse events and treatment failures. A literature review was performed in Medline and other(More)
The masseteric space is an important tissue compartment of the neck, but disease in it is difficult to diagnose and treat. In this paper a case of a young adult male with an abscess of the submasseteric space is presented. Diagnosis was established by computed tomography (CT) of the neck, but the severity of the lesion was not accurately estimated. Surgical(More)
We conducted a case-control study to investigate the effect of diet on laryngeal carcinogenesis. Our study population was made up of 140 participants-70 patients with laryngeal cancer (LC) and 70 controls with a non-neoplastic condition that was unrelated to diet, smoking, or alcohol. A food-frequency questionnaire determined the mean consumption of 113(More)
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