D. A. Predvoditelev

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Ion-specific channels in artificial membranes have been formed by the addition of gramicidin A, alamethicin, polyene antibiotics and some proteins to the solution surrounding the bilayer lipid membrane. Until now there have been no reports of single-ion channels in unmodified lipid membranes. We have now studied the electrical conductance of planar lipid(More)
I. M.D. Mashkovskii and T. Ya. Shvarts, Farmakol. Toksikoi., No. I, 3-7 (1979). 2. R. Barloy, Introduction to Chemical Pharmacology [in Russian], Moscow (1959). 3. J.A. Waters, J. Med. Chem., 20, 1094-1096 (1977). 4. T. I. Vozyakova, N. I. Koretskaya, and M. D. Mashkovskii, Inventor's Certificate No. 508057 (USSR), Otkrytiya, Izobret., Prom. Obraztsy,(More)
Ion permeability of black lipid membranes formed from synthetic phospholipids has been studied. The resistance of BLM formed from phosphatidylcholine, tiophosphatidylcholine, threealkylphosphate and threealkyltiophosphate was 10(7)--10(8) Ohm.cm2. It was shown that the membrane potential of the 10--30 mV arised in KCl gradient indicating the preference(More)
A study was carried out to electric parameters of single ionic channels initiated at phase transition of bromidmetilate 1,2-distearoyl-rac-glycero-3-(O-beta-dimethylaminoethyl)-methylphosphonate, whose molecules under conditions given below are possibly charged. It has been shown that changes of transmembrane current appear at phase transition temperature.(More)
Formation of free radicals under UV-irradiation of egg phosphatidyl choline, and synthetic phosphatidyl cholines and their analogs, as well as of their model compounds was studied. When saturated fat lipids are UV-irradiated radicals--CH2CH2 are accumulated at the expense of the breakage of--CH2CH2--COOH-bond. Radicals CH3--OCH2, HCO are formed in(More)
Comparative studies have been made on surface properties of phospholipids with different chemical composition and different structure of the hydrophylic moiety of the molecule. Substitution of phosphoroyl oxygen by sulfur, as in diacetyl lecithins, makes thiolecithin molecules in monolayer more compact. In case of an analogous substitution of oxygen by(More)
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