D. A. Podchernyaev

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A comparative study of amino acid sequence and physicochemical properties indicates the affiliation of an amidase from Rhodococcus rhodochrous M8 (EC to the nitrilase/cyanide hydratase family. Cluster analysis and multiple alignments show that Cys166 is an active site nucleophile. The enzyme has been shown to be a typical aliphatic amidase, being(More)
The amidase gene from Rhodococcus rhodochrous M8 was cloned by PCR amplification with primers developed by use of peptide amino acid sequences obtained after treating amidase with trypsin. Nucleotide sequence analysis of this gene revealed high homology with aliphatic amidases from R. erythropolis R312 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Considering the substrate(More)
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