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A statistical appraisal of manual reticulocyte enumeration was extensively investigated. Statistically, the counting variability among technologists was significantly worse than expected for a counting (Poisson) process. the proportional error associated with each technologist can exceed 39%. The technologist-to-technologist variation is the major source of(More)
Newly introduced, extended leukocyte parameters on laser-based hematology analyzers permit normal samples to be readily identified allowing these samples to be excluded from manual analysis. This enables more hematology laboratory resources to be focused on abnormal specimens. A new reagent that lyses erythrocytes while leaving the optical properties of the(More)
A pin-on-plate experimental configuration was used to evaluate two different palladium-alloy pins (ASTM B540 and ASTM B563) sliding on a gold-alloy plate (ASTM B541) age-hardened at two temperatures. For all combinations of test conditions except the higher-palladium-content alloy (ASTM B563), two stages of wear were observed: (1) a prow of Au alloy was(More)
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