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Ventral skin biopsies from 204 Gudali cattle of the Vina division in the Adamawa highlands revealed microfilariae of Onchocerca gutturosa, O. ochengi and O. dukei in 85%, 51% and 8% of the animals, respectively. In 60 Fulani cattle from the Tcholliré division in the Sudan savanna, the same microfilaria species were detected in 92%, 83% and 47% of the(More)
Birth and weaning data on zebu cattle (Gudali and Wakwa) of north Central Cameroon were analysed. Calf breed, sire and sex had significant effects (P<0·01 or 0·001) on birth weight while parity and season of birth were not important. Calf breed, sex, season of birth and birth weight had significant effects (P<0·05 or 0·01 or 0·001) on 8-month weaning(More)
Estimates of genetic parameters and environmental correlations were from deviations from modified contemporary average of standardized records of first lactations of Holsteins in Pennsylvania. Records were extended to 305 days and adjusted for month of calving prior to calculation of deviations. Heritabilities from intrasire correlations among paternal(More)
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