D A Marbey

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Eighth nerve endings and neuronal types in the nucleus magnocellularis were analyzed in the red-eared turtle (Chrysemys scripta elegans). One group of turtles had horseradish peroxidase (HRP) injected into the surgically exposed inner ear. Following injection the animals survived for 3-5 days and then their 8th nerve fibers and endings were analyzed. A(More)
Coronal sections through the eighth cranial nerve and medulla of the red-eared turtle were immunocytochemically stained for the astrocytic intermediate filament protein, glial fibrillary acidic protein. Reaction product appeared in the medial one-third of the eighth cranial nerve fibers as they penetrated the medulla. The remaining two-thirds of the nerve(More)
The auditory portion of the eighth nerve, the posterior root, was transected in Chrysemys scripta elegans. Two groups of animals were allowed to survive; one for 22 days and the second for 64 days. Each group was then reoperated to inject HRP into the cochlear duct and allowed to survive for an additional three days - for a total survival time of 25 days(More)
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