D. A. Kolesnikov

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The skull bone tissue was studied under conditions of implantation of Grey nanostructured titanium containing biocomposites and bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the coating structure. Implantation of sandblast processed titanium led to more rapid formation of the bone tissue than the use of titanium biocomposites with microarch oxidation (due to porous(More)
Due to popularity surge social networks became lucrative targets for spammers and guerilla marketers, who are trying to game ranking systems and broadcast their messages at little to none cost. Ranking systems, for example Twitter’s Trends, can be gamed by scripted users also called bots, who are automatically or semi-automatically twitting essentially the(More)
Zr-Ti-Si-N coating had high thermal stability of phase composition and remained structure state under thermal annealing temperatures reached 1180 degrees C in vacuum and 830 degrees C in air. Effect of isochronous annealing on phase composition, structure, and stress state of Zr-Ti-Si-N-ion-plasma deposited coatings (nanocomposite coatings) was reported.(More)
Extracted teeth were studied in patients with hypothyroidism, by applying electron and atomic force microscopy. This method allows one to have extended morphometric characteristics. The patients with hypothyroidism were found to have superficial and internal changes in the enamel, dentin, and cement of intact and carious teeth. The macro- and microelement(More)
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