D. A. Gillies

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HYPOTHESIS Objective assessment of surgical skill has recently been shown to be possible through the use of dexterity-based and video analysis systems. The aim of this study was to synchronize these 2 modalities to produce a comprehensive surgical assessment tool. DESIGN The Imperial College Surgical Assessment Device is a dexterity-based motion analysis(More)
Transcranial Doppler ultrasound (US) can be used to detect emboli in the cerebral circulation. We have implemented and evaluated the first online wavelet-based automatic embolic signal-detection system, based on a fast discrete wavelet transform algorithm using the Daubechies 8th order wavelet. It was evaluated using a group of middle cerebral artery(More)
  • D A Gillies
  • 2001
Introduction In a recent article in BioEssays, John F. Allen uses Popper's philosophy of science to argue on p. 107 that``There is no induction machine'', and that looking for one will result in``waste of resources spent on the search itself.'' This argument is of great interest to me because I started my research life as a graduate student in philosophy of(More)
Virtual Reality and its application to medicine: 3 What is Virtual Reality? " Virtual reality is a way for humans to visualize, manipulate and interact with computers and extremely complex data. " The technology attempts to immerse the user into a computer generated world. The user interacts with the world and can directly manipulate objects in the world.(More)
Transcranial Doppler ultrasound can be used to detect emboli in blood flow for predicting stroke. Embolic signals have characteristic transient chirps suitable for wavelet analysis. We have implemented and evaluated the first on-line intelligent wavelet filter to amplify embolic signals building on our previous work in detection. Our intelligent wavelet(More)
The hypothesis for this study was that a verbal advance organizer would increase learning and retention of class content more in subjects with greater field independence and with higher scholastic aptitude. The sample was 43 junior baccalaureate nursing students, randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Sophomore cumulative grade point averages(More)
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