D. A. Field

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Computer generated solid models must be decomposed into finite element meshes for analysis by the Finite Element Method. To enable decompositions of complex solid models, tetrahedra are employed and to avoid badly skewed tetrahedra for finite element analysis, a Delaunay triangulation is created by Watson's Algorithm [6]. Certain two-dimensional properties(More)
Saharan dust migration increases atmospheric dust concentrations in Barbados, which can settle onto solar photovoltaic (PV) module surfaces and reduce power output. Accumulation rates are further increased as systems are installed at lower tilts. Monthly yields of four commercial sized PV systems (greater than 100kWp) within the period February 2014 to(More)
With the spiraling cost of imported fossil fuels and high values of insolation, the Caribbean region hopes that photovoltaic (PV) technologies will provide a more cost effective and secure energy solution. PV performance parameters are given under Standard Test Conditions (STC). Since STC is never realised under normal operational conditions (NOC) within(More)
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