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We reviewed all known published reports or studies related to a possible cancer-causing or growth-enhancing effect by hyperbaric oxygen. Published articles were retrieved using Medline searches for the period 1960-1993. Additional references were obtained from bibliographies included in those articles discovered in the computer search. Also, hyperbaric(More)
Radiation therapy is often utilized as adjunctive or primary treatment for malignancies of the abdomen and pelvis. Radiation complications are infrequent, but can be life threatening or significantly diminish the quality of life. Radiation necrosis is an approved indication for hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2). Previous publications have reported results in(More)
Laryngeal necrosis is a rare complication of therapeutic radiation, but when it does occur there is no established, definitive treatment and laryngectomy is frequently required. This report is a retrospective review of all patients referred for hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy to a single hyperbaric medicine unit for treatment of their laryngeal necrosis(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) is used as an adjunct in the treatment of radiation injury at many sites, including the mandible, larynx, chest wall, bladder, and rectum. In these disorders, HBO2 is effective in stimulating neovascularization and reducing fibrosis. No previous publications report the application of HBO2 to radiation injuries of the extremities.(More)
This trial was accomplished in C3H mice to determine whether hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) could be administered to prevent delayed radiation enteropathy. Fifty mice randomized into two equal groups received 30 Gy abdominopelvic irradiation in 10 fractions. The study group received a course of 30 HBO treatments beginning 7 weeks after the radiation exposure. The(More)
In a previous publication (Feldmeier et al., Radiother Oncol 1995; 35:138-144) we reported our success in preventing delayed radiation enteropathy in a murine model by the application of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2). In this study we introduce a histologic morphometric technique for assessing fibrosis in the submucosa of these same animal specimens and relate(More)
Since 1979, 23 cases of radiation-induced chest wall necrosis have been treated in the Hyperbaric Medicine Departments of Southwest Texas Methodist Hospital and the Nix Hospital, San Antonio, Texas. Eight cases involved soft tissue only. Six of eight (75%) patients with soft tissue involvement healed without requiring surgical debridement, although four(More)
A questionnaire was sent to 179 clinical hyperbaric medicine facilities to survey treatment policies and referral patterns for patients with a history of malignancy. Eighty-five surveys were returned. Most respondents indicated that they would accept patients with a history of malignancy for either adjuvant or emergent hyperbaric oxygen (HBO). Depending on(More)
The South Texas Physicians Outreach (STPO) organization makes at least one annual mission to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras to provide much needed medical and surgical care to the residents of western Honduras. The author was named the team photographer for both a trip in 1998 and a subsequent visit in 1999. In preparing for the 1999 trip, a plan to reduce(More)