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The crystal structure of a left-handed Z-DNA hexamer duplex d(CGCGCG)(2) has been solved based on the anomalous diffraction signal of inherent P atoms using data collected at the single wavelength of 1.54 A. The anomalous signal of about 2% of the total diffracted intensity, constant for all nucleic acids, may be generally useful for solving crystal(More)
The molecular and crystal structure of 2'-O-Me (CGCGCG)2 has been determined using synchrotron radiation at near-atomic resolution (1.30 A), the highest resolution to date in the RNA field. The crystal structure is a half-turn A-type helix with some helical parameters deviating from canonical A-RNA, such as low base pair rise, elevated helical twist and(More)
X-ray analysis of the pancreatic hormone glucagon shows that in crystals the polypeptide adopts a mainly helical conformation, which is stabilised by hydrophobic interactions between molecules related by threefold symmetry. A model is presented in which the glucagon molecule exists in dilute solutions as an equilibrium population of conformers with little(More)
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