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This research was conducted as an experiment-control experimental study which aimed to determine the effectiveness of a psychoeducation program prepared to reduce internalized stigmatization. The study included 47 patients (24 experimental, 23 control) who had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At the end of the psychoeducation program, a significant(More)
The coping of patients with prodromal syndromes prevents relapses, and the differences in coping strategies affect the results of bipolar disorder. The various functionality levels of bipolar disorder patients such as work, marital relations, parental abilities and social presentation are significantly related with how well they cope. The objective of this(More)
This descriptive research was carried out to identify the relationship between the needs of those mothers who have hearing impairment children and their state/trait anxiety levels. Significant positive relationships were found between the mothers' state anxiety level and the overall FNS score, the subscales of Need for Information, Help Explaining to(More)
This study was performed to evaluate psychiatric symptoms and resilience levels of the hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients and their relatives. The study enrolled 51 patients and 45 relatives undergoing bone marrow transplantation. Data were collected using Personal Information Form, Brief Symptom Inventory and Resilience Scale for Adults.(More)
The objective in this study is to determine the knowledge and attitudes of the Faculty of Theology students on organ transplantation. The study that was planned as a descriptive study took place between March–May 2014 with the participation of 119 students enrolled at the Faculty of Theology. It was determined as a result of the study that the students see(More)
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