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BACKGROUND Brain areas interact mutually to perform particular complex brain functions such as memory or language. Furthermore, under resting-state conditions several spatial patterns have been identified that resemble functional systems involved in cognitive functions. Among these, the default-mode network (DMN), which is consistently deactivated during(More)
The role of AMPA receptors in cochlear synaptic transmission and excitotoxicity was investigated by comparing the actions of a selective AMPA antagonist GYKI 53784 (LY303070) with additional AMPA/kainate antagonists, GYKI 52466 and DNQX, and the NMDA antagonist, D-AP5, in several electrophysiological, neurotoxicological and histochemical tests. GYKI 53784(More)
Several experimental studies of pulmonary emphysema using animal models have been described in the literature. However, only a few of these studies have focused on the assessment of ergometric function as a non-invasive technique to validate the methodology used for induction of experimental emphysema. Additionally, functional assessments of emphysema are(More)
This paper reports our experience about intraoperative facial nerve monitoring carried out in 97 patients operated on by a retrosigmoid approach. Intra-operative facial nerve monitoring was performed using a pneumatic sensor which transforms into acoustic signals contractions of facial muscles elicited by mechanical, electrical or thermal stimulations of(More)
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