Díbio Leandro Borges

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Audio-visual Speech Recognition has been an active area of research lately. A bit, and yet unsolved, part of this problem is the visual only recognition, or lip reading. Considering an image sequence of a person pronouncing a word, a full image analysis solution would have to segment the mouth area, extract relevant features, and use them to be able to(More)
We present a method for approximate 3D point sets alignment to register surfaces with varying degrees of overlap. The approach is based on a novel technique to extract dynamically the sets of coplanar 4-points from a 3D point set which are approximately congruent. The choice of bases from one 3D set to be matched to the others for possible registration is(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to recognizing 3D complex objects that have similar geometric structure but belong to diierent sub-classes. Test scenes are acquired by a laser striper as range images, and the objects are modelled using a composite volumetric representation of superquadrics and geons. Matching is decomposed into two stages: rst, an(More)
This paper presents a segmentation algorithm based on feature selection in wavelet space. The aim is to automatically separate in postal envelopes the regions related to background, stamps, rubber stamps, and the address blocks. First, a typical image of a postal envelope is decomposed using Mallat algorithm and Haar basis. High frequency channel outputs(More)