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The geometry of helix-helix packing in globular proteins is comprehensively analysed within the model of the superposition of two helix lattices which result from unrolling the helix cylinders onto a plane containing points representing each residue. The requirements for the helix geometry (the radius R, the twist angle omega and the rise per residue delta)(More)
  • P. Kammel, M. Lakata, +15 authors Mark Lakata
  • 2007
A new analysis of the radiative decay ω→ηγ in proton-antiproton annihilation at rest Abstract We report on a measurement of the branching ratio of the rare decay ω→ηγ relative to the well known decay ω→π 0 γ. The ω's are produced in pp→ηω and pp→π 0 ω. Eigenstate mixing and interference effects of the ω and ρ 0 are taken into account, as well as coherent(More)
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