Délio S. Raslan

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In the search for new sources of sesquiterpene lactones, six Centaurea species have been analyzed. The activity against the fungus Cunninghamella echinulata of (+)-cnicin (1) and (+)-salonitenolide (2), isolated from the Centaurea plants, as well as that of (+)-costunolide (3), (-)-dehydrocostuslactone (4), (-)-lychnopholide (5) and (-)-eremantholide C (6),(More)
Incubations of the fungi Cunninghamella echinulata and Rhizopus oryzae with the sesquiterpene lactones (+)-costunolide (1), (+)-cnicin (2), (+)-salonitenolide (3), (-)-dehydrocostuslactone (4), (-)-lychnopholide (5), and (-)-eremantholide C (6) were perfomed. Incubation of 1 with C. echinulata afforded ∆ 11(13)-dihydrogenation and ∆ 1(10)-epoxidation(More)
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