Dávid Karnok

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The paper tackles the problem of managing the uncertainties during the execution of predictive schedules in a dynamic environment. The dynamic environment in question is represented by a simulation model – connected to a production scheduler system – with flexible modelling capabilities. The paper addresses the simulation module of the proposed architecture(More)
Recent trends in production call for efficient means of tracking and tracing within and beyond company borders. The pioneering track-and-trace solutions introduced by large companies can, due to their expenses as well as their lack of flexibility, hardly be the preferred choice for networks of smaller enterprises, and the mainstream of today’s new(More)
The paper summarizes the main ideas and results for realizing agile manufacturing systems having active disturbance handling approach for real-time manufacturing control. The intelligent integration of information received from production-, quality and process monitoring systems is addressed as the enabler of the approach.
The paper introduces a system for supporting the diagnostics and maintenance of wind farms. The work flow in the system covers the detection of failures based on data registered by the SCADA supervisory system of the turbines, the assignment of maintenance tasks to each failure, the scheduling of maintenance tasks on the short-term horizon, and the(More)
The paper underlines the main requirements of customized mass production, with special emphasis on the real-time ability and cooperativeness. Main goals of a large-scale national industryacademia R&D project aimed at improving the performance of a production network that produces consumer goods in large quantities and variability are highlighted. An(More)
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