Dávid Fertig

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This dissertation investigates the case markers ka and lul in Korean from an empirical perspective. Korean is a well-known nominative-accusative language in which the subject and object are marked by the post-nominal particles ka and lul respectively. As has long been observed, the subject and object are not always overtly marked by these particles,(More)
The belief that cancer might be related to temperament or distress has been emphasized throughout the history of medicine. The field of psychoneuroimmunology has its origins in psychosomatic medicine, and has evolved to the investigations of complex interactions between the psyche and the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems. Such interactions may have(More)
Tumor markers are measures of biological features of a cancer. By revealing important biological aspects of the tumor, tumor markers can be useful in staging patients, predicting cancer outcomes, and guiding treatments. The psychological consequences of using tumor markers are virtually unknown. In this review article, we draw on clinical studies involving(More)
In January to March 1981, 37 slaughter cattle from a single Ohio feeding operation were determined, at postmortem inspection, to be infected with Taenia saginata cysticerci. A subsequent outbreak on this same farm in March 1983 involved 7 slaughter cattle. An epidemiologic investigation was conducted of possible sources of the T saginata ova; these included(More)
Surface modifications fundamentally influence the morphology of kaolinite nanostructures as a function of crystallinity and the presence of contaminants. Besides morphology, the catalytic properties of 1:1-type exfoliated aluminosilicates are also influenced by the presence of defect sites that can be generated in a controlled manner by mechanochemical(More)
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