Dása Lacková

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For successful transformation of prototrophic industrial yeast strains dominant selectable markers are necessary. In the present study we show the applicability of a selection system based on the phenotype of multidrug resistance. The mutant pdr3-9 allele on centromeric or episomal vector, encoding a more efficient transcriptional activator with Y276H amino(More)
This paper describes the IST-2005-034891 project HYDRA (full title " Networked Embedded System Middleware for Heterogeneous Physical Devices in a Distributed Architecture ") funded within the FP6 IST Programme. HYDRA is an integrated project (IP), which started in July 2006, its planned duration is 48 months. The project consortium consists of 13 partners:(More)
where (i) n is even, (ii) p and τ are positive numbers, (iii) q1(t), σ1(t) ∈ C(R+, R+), q1(t) is positive, lim t→∞ σ1(t) =∞. By a solution of Eq. (1) we mean a function x : [Tx,∞)→ R which satisfies (1) for all sufficiently large t. Such a solution is called oscillatory if it has a sequence of zeros tending to infinity; otherwise it is called(More)
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