Dása Lacková

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For successful transformation of prototrophic industrial yeast strains dominant selectable markers are necessary. In the present study we show the applicability of a selection system based on the phenotype of multidrug resistance. The mutantpdr 3–9 allele on centromeric or episomal vector, encoding a more efficient transcriptional activator with Y276H amino(More)
where (i) n is even, (ii) p and τ are positive numbers, (iii) q1(t), σ1(t) ∈ C(R+, R+), q1(t) is positive, lim t→∞ σ1(t) =∞. By a solution of Eq. (1) we mean a function x : [Tx,∞)→ R which satisfies (1) for all sufficiently large t. Such a solution is called oscillatory if it has a sequence of zeros tending to infinity; otherwise it is called(More)
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