Dániel Lovas

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Manually monitoring the population displacement of fish species and the whale individuals is a painful and definitely unscalable process. Video data about fishes often require laborious visual analysis, moreover biologists often use photos of whale caudal for further analysis as it is the most discriminant pattern for distinguishing an individual whale from(More)
The image-based plant identification challenge was focused on tree, herbs and ferns species identification based on different types of images. The aim of the task was to produce relevant species for each observation of a plant of the test dataset. We have elaborated a viewpoints combined classification method for this challenge. We have applied dense SIFT(More)
Fishery video data often require laborious visual analysis, therefore a video-based fish identification challenge is announced in the LifeCLEF campaign for automatic fish categorization and enumeration. We have elaborated a complex system to detect, classify and track objects (fishes) in underwater video by examining each image frame of it. For the(More)
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