Dániel Fey

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A concept for a parallel digital signal processor based on opticalinterconnections and optoelectronic VLSI circuits is presented. Itis shown that the proper combination of optical communication, architecture, and algorithms allows a throughput that outperformspurely electronic solutions. The usefulness of low-level algorithmsfrom the add-and-shift class is(More)
We present a simulation environment for parallel optoelectronic data-processing systems, and we especially consider the fusion of optoelectronic integrated circuits and optical interconnection modules. hadlop, which stands for hardware description language for optical processing, is a simulator that works at the digital design level. So far, hadlop has(More)
Recent trends in the image processing field have led to the use of more heterogeneous hardware architectures. The reason for this increase is that specialized cores, compared to standard CPUs, offer a more efficient way of achieving image processing applications. Specialized cores have less power, resource, and area consumption. On the other hand, designing(More)
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