Dániel Andras Drexler

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Cancer is one of the most destructive and lethal illnesses of the modern civilization. In the last decades, clinical cancer research shifted toward molecular targeted therapies which have limited side effects in comparison to conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Antiangiogenic therapy is one of the most promising cancer treatment methods. The(More)
—Singular configurations arise in the kinematics of revolute joint manipulators, and cause problems in solving the inverse kinematics problem. General inverse kinematics schemes are based on the Jacobian of the forward kinematics map of the manipulator, that becomes ill-conditioned in singular configurations, causing numerical instability and loss of(More)
—Cancer fighting treatments are expanding, and a promising type, targeted molecular therapies have a new approach. The aim of these therapies is not to eliminate the whole tumor, but to control the tumor into a given state and keep it there. Explicit knowledge of tumor growth dynamics and the effects of targeted molecular therapies is crucial in tumor(More)
— In the last decades beside conventional cancer treatment methods, molecular targeted therapies show prosperous results. These therapies have limited side-effects, and in comparison to chemotherapy, tumorous cells show lower tendency of becoming resistant to the applied antiangiogenic drugs. In clinical research, antiangiogenic therapy is one of the most(More)