Czeslaw Jermak

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A YAC/STS map of the X chromosome has reached an inter-STS resolution of 75 kb. The map density is sufficient to provide YACs or other large-insert clones that are cross-validated as sequencing substrates across the chromosome. Marker density also permits estimates of regional gene content and a detailed comparison of genetic and physical map distances.(More)
A map has been assembled that extends from the XY homology region in Xq21.3 to proximal Xq24, approximately 20 Mb, formatted with 200 STSs that include 25 dinucleotide repeat polymorphic markers and more than 80 expressed sequences including 30 genes. New genes HTRP5, CAPN6, STPK, 14-3-3PKR, and CALM1 and previously known genes including BTK, DDP, GLA, PLP,(More)
The 15<HSP SP = "0.25">Mb region between DXS997 and DXS8054 in Xp21.3-p11.3 has been mapped at seven-fold average coverage in yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) and 100 kb inter-sequence tagged site (STS) distance. YACs from six different collections show self-consistent maps. The STSs include 18 (CA) repeat and one tetranucleotide repeat marker that(More)
A YAC/STS map has been assembled spanning 22 Mb across Xq12-q21.31, between markers DXS1125 and DXS95. In addition to the landmark loci for the X-inactivation center XIST and the ATRX, ATP7A, phosphoglycerate kinase, POU3F4, and choroideremia genes, the candidate disease gene regions for torsion dystonia 3 and two X-linked mental retardation syndromes are(More)
A 2Mb contig was constructed of yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) and P1 artificial chromosomes (PACs), extending from DXS6849 to a new marker EC7034R, 1Mb distal to UBE1, within the p11.3 region of the human X chromosome. This contig, which has on average four-fold cloned coverage, was assembled using 37 markers, including 13 new sequence tagged sites(More)
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