Cyrus Vakili

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Biliary leaks and injuries are not an uncommon occurrence following laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Bile leaks associated with the biliary anatomic variant of a low-inserting right segmental hepatic duct can be particularly difficult to diagnose in that results of endoscopic retrograde cholangiography (ERC) are usually interpreted as "normal" with no leaks(More)
Frequency of berign nodules in each lobes of the thyroid gland was determined in 214 consecutive patients who underwent thyroid operation. All cases had thyroid scintiscans. The right lobe was involved two times more than the left. In order to determine if this higher frequency was related to the naturally-occurring greater mass of the right lobe, fifteen(More)
The clinical features, surgical management, and long term follow up of 32 patients from Iran with idiopathic portal hypertension are reported. Many features of the disease are similar to those reported from India and Japan. The unsuspected finding was a 46% history of marked pica of clay (geophagia) in a subset of 26 patients. In addition, 81% of our(More)
From January 1972 to March 1974, thirty-four consecutive patients with appendix masses underwent acute appendectomy within 32 hours of admission. There was no death and no morbidity, except local wound problems in six patients and drainage of pus from drain site in four patients. Twenty-four patients were afebrile without wound problems and could be(More)
I read with interest the recent Surgical Endoscopy article Laparoscopic Antireflux Surgery: Tailoring the Hiatal Closure to the Size of Hiatal Area by F. A. Granderath et al. [1]. Their approach to measuring the hiatal defect intraoperatively is sound and interesting. However, with regard to the use of synthetic mesh, I ask whether the authors have(More)
Creation of pneumoperitoneum as the first step in closed laparoscopy and the insertion of a primary trocar are the only "blind" steps in laparoscopy. These steps have occasionally been associated with technical difficulties and complications and with prolonged operative time. These problems are compounded in obese patients. In this report, we describe a(More)
One hundred and eighteen consecutive patients with histologically confirmed diagnosis of carcinoma of the colon discharged during a 10 year period (1962 to 1971) from a general hospital in Tehran were studied. Twenty-five patients (21 percent) were younger than 30 years of age and six patients were under 18 years of age. None had familial polyposis or(More)
The author has performed 565 laparoscopic Nissen fundoplications. The first 460 operations were performed in the state of Massachusetts, and the last 105 were performed in Tehran, Iran. The technique of the operation consisted of identifying both vagus nerves and leaving them out of the harm’s way, then carefully dissecting and mobilizing of the fundus of(More)