Cyrille Joutard

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Data on functional disability are of widespread policy interest in the United States, especially with respect to planning for Medicare and Social Security for a growing population of elderly adults. We consider an extract of functional disability data from the National Long Term Care Survey (NLTCS) and attempt to develop disability profiles using variations(More)
PNAS article classification is rooted in long-standing disciplinary divisions that do not necessarily reflect the structure of modern scientific research. We reevaluate that structure using latent pattern models from statistical machine learning, also known as mixed-membership models, that identify semantic structure in co-occurrence of words in the(More)
There has been an explosive growth of data-mining models involving latent structure for clustering and classification. While having related objectives these models use different parameterizations and often very different specifications and constraints. Model choice is thus a major methodological issue and a crucial practical one for applications. In this(More)
Model choice is a major methodological issue in the explosive growth of data-mining models involving latent structure for clustering and classification, especially because models often have different parameterizations and very different specifications and constraints. Here, we work from a general formulation of hierarchical Bayesian mixed-membership models(More)
Internet health forums are a rich textual resource with content generated through free exchanges among patients and, in certain cases, health professionals. We tackle the problem of retrieving clinically relevant information from such forums, with relevant topics being defined from clinical auto-questionnaires. Texts in forums are largely unstructured and(More)
Sodium nitroprusside (SNP) shows a strong hypotensive activity not only in normotensive animals but also in the presence of experimentally induced arterial hypertension. Its use in intravenous perfusion produces the rapid induction of arterial hypotension lasting or only slightly exceeding the time of its administration. Most investigators consider this(More)
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