Cyrille H. Haddar

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During the 2012 Hajj season, the risk of acquisition of Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage in a cohort of French pilgrims was 22.8%, and was statistically associated with the acquisition of viral respiratory pathogens (p 0.03). The carriage of S. aureus belonging to the emerging clonal complex 398 significantly increased following the pilgrimage (p <(More)
OBJECTIVE Staphylococcus aureus dominates the skin microbiota in patients with atopic dermatitis (AD), with bacterial loads correlating with disease severity. The aim of this exploratory study was to investigate the effect of a cosmetic lotion containing heat-treated Lactobacillus johnsonii NCC 533 (HT La1) on S. aureus colonization in AD patients. (More)
In contrast to Staphylococcus aureus intermittent nasal carriers, persistent ones have the highest risk of infection. This study reports the usefulness of a simple nasal sampling algorithm to identify the S. aureus nasal carriage state of hemodialysis patients (HPs) and their subsequent risk of infection.From a cohort of 85 HPs, 76 were screened for S.(More)
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