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—Predictive State Representations (PSRs) are dynam-ical systems models that keep track of the system's state using predictions of future observations. In contrast to other models of dynamical systems, such as partially observable Markov decision processes, PSRs produces more compact models and can be consistently learned using statistics of the execution(More)
In Electronic Support, a receiver must monitor a wide frequency spectrum in which threatening emitters operate. A common approach is to use sensors with high sensitivity but a narrow bandwidth. To maintain surveillance over the whole spectrum, the sensor has to sweep between frequency bands but requires a scanning strategy. Search strategies are usually(More)
In Electronic Warfare, and more specifically in the domain of passive localization, accurate time synchronization between platforms is decisive, especially on systems relying on TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) measurements. This paper investigates this issue by presenting an analysis in terms of synchronization performance of an experimental passive(More)
An original application of the weighted deflection is proposed for radar target classification by quadratic filters. An explicit formulation of optimal filters is derived. We analyze the impact of the weighting parameter on real data recognition and show that performances are better when the deflection coincides with the Fisher ratio.
This paper deals with a phase-coded waveform which combines two binary phase codes, each impacting on specific properties of the radar receiving channel. After giving a detailed analysis of the expression of the received signal after processing when the Gaussian clutter is modeled by a pth-order autoregressive process, we focus our attention on the choice(More)
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