Cyrille Cuenin

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BACKGROUND Immunoglobulin class-switch recombination defects (CSR-D) are rare primary immunodeficiencies characterized by impaired production of switched immunoglobulin isotypes and normal or elevated IgM levels. They are caused by impaired T:B cooperation or intrinsic B cell defects. However, many immunoglobulin CSR-Ds are still undefined at the molecular(More)
As a component of chromatin-modifying complexes with histone acetyltransferase (HAT) activity, TRRAP has been shown to be involved in various cellular processes including gene transcription and oncogenic transformation. Inactivation of Trrap, the murine ortholog of TRRAP, in mice revealed its function in development and cell cycle progression. However, the(More)
Reproductive factors have been linked to both breast cancer and DNA methylation, suggesting methylation as an important mechanism by which reproductive factors impact on disease risk. However, few studies have investigated the link between reproductive factors and DNA methylation in humans. Genome-wide methylation in peripheral blood lymphocytes of 376(More)
The DOK1 tumor suppressor gene encodes an adapter protein that acts as a negative regulator of several signaling pathways. We have previously reported that DOK1 expression is up-regulated upon cellular stress, via the transcription factor E2F1, and down-regulated in a variety of human malignancies due to aberrant hypermethylation of its promoter. Here we(More)
In the present study, we report in two non related pediatric patients a primary immunodeficiency phenotype associated with a missense mutation in the moesin gene. The disease was characterized by T, B and NK lymphopenia and neutropenia. Both patients developed severe varicella complicated by bilateral pneumopathies and recurrent pulmonary infections until(More)
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