Cyrille Comar

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The Sun Javan' technology provides a powerful, portable framework for developing Internet applications. GNAT is a complete Ada 95 compiler that is freely available and runs on a wide range of platforms. There is a natural mapping from Ada 95 to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and so it is attractive to consider targeting the GNAT compiler to the JVM to gain(More)
The amount and impact of software-dependence in critical systems impinging on daily life is increasing rapidly. In many of these systems, inadequate software and systems engineering can lead to economic disaster, injuries or death. Society generally does not recognize the potential of losses from deficiencies of systems due to software until after some(More)
Formal modular verification of software is based on assume-guarantee reasoning, where each software module is shown to provide some guarantees under certain assumptions and an overall argument linking results for individual modules justifies the correctness of the approach. However, formal verification is almost never applied to the entire code, posing a(More)
1E inleitung In derE ntwicklung vonk ritischerS oftware, wiez um Beispiel Avionik-Software,s pielt derBegriff desanforderungsbasierten Tests(ABT) eine große Rolle in derV erifikation. Der DO-178B-Standard 1 [DO92] definiertverschiedeneAnforderungsebenen, vondenen einT eild er Software zugeordnet wird,u nd dieB asis fürd ie sogenanntenH igh-Level(More)
One of the advantages of PET is to allow for precise regional measurements of radioactive tracers in slices of brain. Furthermore, complex compartment modelling methods have been designed to transform the regional radioactive concentrations into biological units. The question is often raised whether quantification of PET studies is necessary in clinical(More)