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Post-mortem personalization: pastoral power and the New Zealand funeral director
Abstract This paper critically examines the personalization of Pakeha (European) post-mortem practices in New Zealand. While much of the discourse surrounding funerary and disposal processesExpand
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An exploratory qualitative study of Otago adolescents' views of oral health and oral health care.
OBJECTIVES To investigate Otago adolescents' views of oral health and oral health care, in order to increase understanding of the influences on their use or non-use of free care. DESIGN The studyExpand
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Corpses, conflict and insignificance? A critical analysis of post-mortem practices
Abstract The personalisation of post-mortem practices has been presented as one of the significant mortuary shifts associated with secularisation in contemporary, western society. While some authorsExpand
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Final arrangements: examining debt and distress
Abstract Prevailing discourses condemn funerals as a costly distress purchase where funeral directors have greedily preyed upon funeral arrangers’ grief laden vulnerability. They explain funerals asExpand
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Biography, Authenticity and Personalised Post-Mortem Practices in Aotearoa/New Zealand
ABSTRACT Current thanatology discourse details a new ethos of openness transforming death-related practices, accentuating a shift to personalised rituals, authenticity and expressive grief. DrawingExpand
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New Zealand university students' knowledge and attitudes to organ and tissue donation.
AIM Organ and tissue donation (OTD) rates in New Zealand are low compared to many countries. Young adults are 'tomorrow's donors', yet the attitudes and knowledge of this group to OTD have not beenExpand
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Do non‐body donors understand what the term “Body donation” really means?
Body donation is important for anatomical education and research in the medical sciences, however there are uncertainties in regards to the ongoing supply of cadavers for this purpose in someExpand
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This article examines the history of funeral directing in New Zealand and highlights a number of significant shifts in occupational orientation. The first identifiable transition involved the shiftExpand
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Tapu and the invention of the “death taboo”: An analysis of the transformation of a Polynesian cultural concept
Is death “taboo” or “tapu”? Why do these two versions of the same word evoke such different cultural responses to issues of death and the dead? In this paper, we explore Western anthropologicalExpand
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