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In budding yeast, the Pif1 DNA helicase is involved in the maintenance of both nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, but its role in these processes is still poorly understood. Here, we provide evidence for a new Pif1 function by demonstrating that its absence promotes genetic instability of alleles of the G-rich human minisatellite CEB1 inserted in the(More)
Yeast telomeres comprise irregular TG₁₋₃ DNA repeats bound by the general transcription factor Rap1. Rif1 and Rif2, along with Rap1, form the telosome, a protective cap that inhibits telomerase, counteracts SIR-mediated transcriptional silencing, and prevents inadvertent recognition of telomeres as DNA double-strand breaks. We provide a molecular,(More)
Telomeres constitute the ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes. Due to the conventional mode of DNA replication, telomeric DNA erodes at each cell division. To counteract this, a specialized reverse transcriptase, telomerase, can elongate chromosome ends to maintain them at a constant average length. Because of their similarity to DNA double-strand breaks(More)
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