Cyril Klimes

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In the last few years we can meet modern approaches and concepts like agile methodologies, extreme programming and model-driven development in software development. These new approaches use methods and technologies that allow us to deliver valuable software products matching all requirements in time as well as decrease the cost of system operation and(More)
Information retrieval in information systems (IS) with large amounts of data is not only a matter of an effective IS architecture and design and technical parameters of computer technology used for operation of the IS, but also of an easy and intuitive orientation in a number of offers and information provided by the IS. Such retrievals in IS are, however,(More)
E-Iearning systems (distance learning systems) are a very important part of today's learning process. With courses in these systems it is possible to learn the studying material any time in a fun and interactive way. For the teacher or the creator of a system like these, feedback from the participants of the course is an essential and important part of(More)
This article deals with mandatory access controls and security policies within an operating system and proposes general methodology for selection and deployment of policies based on vague information, where these vague descriptions are representing operational, functional and security requirements imposed on the operating system. The proposed methodology is(More)
This paper describes the design of the tool for supporting decision making process in the object relational mapping. The paper describes the main differences between object and relational model and the current state of object relational mapping, which addresses the discrepancy between them. In the paper a fuzzy expert system based on information from the(More)
This paper focuses on creating a component model of information system under uncertainty. The paper identifies problem in current approach of component modeling and proposes fuzzy tool, which will work with vague customer requirements and propose components of the resulting component model. The proposed tool is verified on specific information system and(More)