Cyril Henry

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A kinematic study allowed to define the three most propulsive positions during a butterfly swimming cycle, which were: the end of the external sweep, the end of the internal sweep and the end of thrust. These instantaneous positions were different for the ex-world champion Pankratov when compared to another swimmer. Using manikins and a drag-measuring(More)
energy consumed—has a maximum value of only about 5% in a mouse running at high speed; for comparison, this maximum is about 50% in a small pony running at high speed (3). The greater efficiency of locomo-tion in larger animals appears to be due to storage of energy in elastic structures during one phase of the stride cycle, and recovery of that energy at a(More)
Ketenes were generated by the thermolysis of alkoxyalkynes under flow conditions, and then trapped with amines and alcohols to cleanly give amides and esters. For a 10 min reaction time, temperatures of 180, 160, and 140 °C were required for Ͼ95 % conversion of EtO, iPrO, and tBuO alk-oxyalkynes, respectively. Variation of the temperature and flow rate with(More)
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